[img src=]Untitled – Paris
F/Factor winner - Roza Vulf May 2014
[img src=]Spotted on the Underground
Best in Show! - Mark Heathcote May 2014
[img src=]Between the Lines
1st Runner Up - Samantha Edgley May 2014
[img src=]Private Lives
2nd Runner Up - Francesco Marchetti May 2014
[img src=]Shard Reflection from Tower Bridge
F/Factor winner - Robin Baumgarten October 2013
[img src=]Untitled
Best in Show! - Leanne Bouvet October 2013
[img src=]Untitled
1st Runner Up - Jacek Obloj October 2013
[img src=]Eyes On The Horizon
2nd Runner Up - Emily Mulder October 2013
[img src=]Oscar
F/Factor winner - Maroussia Mbaye May 2013
[img src=]Passenger
Best in Show! - Katelynn Mingyu May 2013
[img src=]Dancing Lights
1st Runner Up - Alzbeta Kucerova May 2013
[img src=]Mystical Machu Picchu
2nd Runner Up - Melissa North May 2013
[img src=]Scotland
F/Factor winner - Claudia Borges Cerbino October 2012
[img src=]China Man
Best in Show! - Farlon J Rahaman October 2012
[img src=]The Pride of Karachi
1st Runner Up - Wolf Erdmann October 2012
[img src=]Untitled
2nd Runner Up - Coco Petter October 2012
[img src=]Columbia Road Flower Market
F/Factor winner - Linda Wisdom May 2012
[img src=]Speed
Best in Show! - Silvestro Rugolo May 2012
[img src=]South Bank Fountain I
1st Runner Up - Peter Kenny May 2012
[img src=]Meters
2nd Runner Up - Irina Kirikova May 2012
[img src=]Untitled
Best in Show! - Karolin Schwab October 2011
[img src=]The Kiss
1st Runner Up - Nicola Albon October 2011
[img src=]Stranger
2nd Runner Up - Sanja Hurem October 2011
[img src=]Anatomica
F/Factor Public Vote Winner - Nicholas Goodden October 2011