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Architectural Photography

1. How do I apply?

All you have to do is fill out our booking form and submit your photos as JPEGs. If you have not yet decided on your biography, photos or price you can fill in this information on the Update Booking Form 2019 on our website.  We will require this information by TBC.

If you have chosen to mount or frame your photos yourself then you will have to deliver them to us. Otherwise we will take care of printing and mounting.

2. What can I submit and how much will it cost?

If paying by PayPal, you will be charged an extra £5 admin fee.

Option Details Price
1 Two (2) A3 or 12 x 16″ framed (wall space) images. £100 (printed and framed/mounted by you. Please use simple frames that are roughly a couple of inches wide).
2 One (1) A3 (16.5 x 11.7mounted (hanging rail) images. £50 includes printing and mounting (not framed) by us.
3 Three (3) A3 (16.5 x 11.7mounted (hanging rail) images. £130 includes printing and mounting (not framed) by us.
4 One (1) 24″ x 16 mounted images. £65  includes printing and mounting (not framed) by us.
5 Three (3) 24″ x 16 mounted images. £160 includes printing and mounting (not framed) by us.
6 One (1) A4 mounted images £30 includes printing and mounting (not framed) by us.
7 Want an alternative size? Please email us for a quote.

For any images above A2 or 24″ x 16″ or if you want us to frame your images, please contact us for a quote on

FOR THE AVOIDANCE OF DOUBT, IF YOU CHOOSE OPTIONS 2, 3, 4, 5 OR 6 THESE IMAGES ARE NOT FRAMED. You will be able to keep your images (the print but not the mount) if they are not sold – this does not apply to Options purchased as Special Offers (you will be able to purchase your unsold Special Offer image(s) for £10 each).  Mounts for Options 2 & 3 can be purchased for £5 each.

All measurements refer to the size of the printed image, excluding the mount or frame.


Example Options

Example Option 1

Example option 2

Example Option 2 & 3

Example option 5

Example Option 4

Example option 3

Example Option 5

3. What do I get for this?

∞    Promotional material and advertising;

∞    Private View;

∞    Chance to win the professionally judged ‘Best in Show’ (awarded to top three photos);

∞    Chance to win the public’s vote in the f/Factor’™ competition;

∞    Service to hang your work;

∞    Opportunity to sell your work;

∞    A chance to part of a thriving photographers’ community; and

∞    The voluntary services and expertise of the London Photo Festival staff

4. What is the Festival’s schedule?

TBC: Private View (18h00 – 20h00)

TBC: Festival opens (11h00 – 18h00)

TBC: Festival (11h00 – 20h00) Click ‘n Clique (18h00-20h00) – a chance for the public and fellow photographers to come and meet the exhibitors.

TBC: Festival (11h00 – 18h00)

The Festival closes the evening of the TBC:.

5. Do I have to attend in person?

Attendance is not compulsory but we recommend you attend the Private View (along with your guests) and the Click ‘n Clique evening on the Friday evening.

6. I don’t live in London, can I still exhibit my images?

Yes, we accept submissions from all over the world.

However, if you live outside of London, we strongly advise that you do not send frames in the post as they are likely to break. We recommend you make use of our printing and mounting service (see options above). If you would like to have your images framed, please contact us for a quote.

7. Is there anywhere to leave business cards and/or promotional material?

Please feel free to bring business cards and other promotional material to place on our information table (any material is left at your own risk).

8. When do I have to deliver my photos?

This applies to OPTIONS 1 & 6 ONLY. Date of Delivery TBC.

In addition to your mounted images, please send in an A3 size unframed copy for us to exhibit in case your image is sold during the early stages of the Festival.

For options 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6: we will provide the additional print in the event that your image sells early.

9. How do I have to submit my photos online?

We still require your images even if we are not doing your printing as they will be featured in the catalogue.   

All images MUST BE high resolution JPEGs 300 dpi. File names should follow this format:

YourName_ImageTitle_Price.jpg (e.g. JoeBloggs_TheLondonEye_85.jpg)

We will reject your images if we do not receive them in this format.

10. How should I write my biography?

Your biography should be no longer than 35 words. Please write in the third person (e.g. Joe Bloggs is an amateur photographer…).

11. When can I collect my photos?

You can collect your images in person or we can post them to you (P&P fees will apply).

Images will be available to collect after the Festival after it has closed, between 18h00 and 18h30 on TBC. If your image has sold during the Festival, we will contact you to save you a wasted journey.

If you are collecting photos that we have mounted for you, you can purchase the mounts that your images are displayed in for £5 (if you have gone for option 2 & 3).

12. How do I price my images?

Pricing your work at the right level is probably one of the hardest things to work out when exhibiting your work.  The rule of thumb is to sell for two or three times the cost of production.

A price list of all exhibited images will be available for the public at the Festival.

13. What happens if my image sells before the Festival ends?

We encourage sales at the Festival because we find that buyers are unlikely to come back and purchase at a later date.  If your image does sell at the early stages of the Festival, we will replace it with a copy.  If you are printing your own images (option 1), please provide this copy when you hand in your submission.

14. What commission do you take?

We take a 30% commission plus any admin fees involved (i.e. costs via PayPal etc. Cash payments on the day will not incur any admin fees).

If you sell any images as a consequence of the Festival (before or after), we rely on an honesty policy to receive our 30% commission.

15. I just want to visit the Festival, does it cost to get in?

There is no entrance fee to visit the Festival.

16. What is the Click 'n Clique Evening?

It’s a free networking evening for you to meet the exhibitors, fellow photographers and industry professionals.

17. What is the f/Factor Competition?

The public get to vote for their favourite image at the Festival.  The winner is announced after the votes have been counted at the end of the Festival.

More Questions

Still have a burning question about the Festival?  Email us on and we’ll try and answer it!

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