1-31 May 2021


Architectural Photography

1. How do I apply?

All you have to do is fill out our booking form and submit your photos as JPEGs. We will require this information by 26 April 2021. We will take care of printing.

2. What can I submit and how much will it cost?

Option Details Price
1 x1 A2 image  (half a panel) £70
2 x2 A2 images (one panel) £130
3 Please contact us for custom size price

3. What do I get for this?

∞    Promotional material and advertising;

∞    Chance to win the professionally judged ‘Best in Show’ (awarded to top three photos);

∞    Chance to win the public’s vote in the f/Factor’™ competition;

∞    Service to hang your work;

∞    Opportunity to sell your work;

∞    A chance to part of a thriving photographers’ community; and

∞    The voluntary services and expertise of the London Photo Festival staff

4. What is the Festival’s schedule?

Marble Hill Park is open 0630-2100. Please check their website for up-to-date information.

5. Do I have to attend in person?

We print and install the exhibition. If you are planning on visiting, please adhere to the government’s COVD-19 guidelines.

6. I don’t live in London, can I still exhibit my images?

Yes, we accept submissions from all over the world.

7. Is there anywhere to leave business cards and/or promotional material?

No, but we can print one of your social media accounts underneath your image.

8. How do I have to submit my photos online?

All images MUST BE high resolution JPEGs 300 dpi. File names should follow this format:

YourName_ImageTitle_Price.jpg (e.g. JoeBloggs_TheLondonEye_85.jpg)

We will reject your images if we do not receive them in this format.

9. How do I price my image?

Pricing your work at the right level is probably one of the hardest things to work out when exhibiting your work.  The rule of thumb is to sell for two or three times the cost of production.

10. What happens if my image sells before the Festival ends?

We arrange for prints of your sold image to be printed and sent to the purchaser through our sister site, the London Photo Galley.

11. What commission do you take?

We take a 50% commission plus any admin fees involved (i.e. costs via PayPal etc. Cash payments on the day will not incur any admin fees).

If you sell any images as a consequence of the Festival (before or after), we rely on an honesty policy to receive our 50% commission.

12. I just want to visit the Festival, does it cost to get in?

There is no entrance fee to visit the Festival.

Still have a burning question about the Festival?  Email us on info@londonphotofestival.org and we’ll try and answer it!